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Raw Clams 
Opened right in front of you!
The main clam opener is Bob, (sometimes known as the "Clamman"), being taught by his father, Doug, at 8 years old.  Joining him, when needed, is his brother, Bill. 
Opening clams for the Mosall's has been a family tradition, passed down for generations.  Bob is continuing this tradition, as well.  On occassion, you can find him mentoring this talent to his step-daughter, Tara, his step-son, Eric, and his son, Chris.
For a real thrill...ask him to show you his favorite trick...
opening clams behind his back.
Only the freshest littlenecks are used, and when in season...Try a PEI.  Those are Prince Edward Island littlenecks, and are only available for approximately 6 weeks during the summer.  Eat them plain, or try them with Mosall's own, Cocktail Sauce. 
Available from 1pm to 4pm

Mosall's "Own"  Cocktail Sauce

Everyone knows cocktail sauce.  The red sauce you eat with seafood.  Ketchup, horseradish, etc.  Well, we KNOW cocktail sauce and just the right mix!  For years, the Mosall clan has been perfecting their sauce, and Bob is no exception to the rule.  We use only the best quality ingredients. Including, even going as far as ordering the best, freshest horesradish, and having it mailed direct.  And, we use real lemon juice from lemons.

About Us

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     In 1948, Max Mosall and his son Milton had a vision.  That vision was an outdoor picnic grove.  Where people could gather for a day, have a clambake or barbecue, play horseshoes or softball.  A day of fun.  They started building...and kept building for two years.  In 1950, Mosall's Grove opened for business.  With a pavillion that could hold about 200 people, the business grew.  Work parties, family reunions, bowling banquets, etc.  Clambakes were the specialty.  Back then, the clambake was the original dozen steamed clams in a tin with the corn, the chicken with the sausage tucked under the wing, and the steak was grilled to perfection on an open charcoal pit.   Do you remember? 
     Now, the only thing different - the chicken is also barbequed on the open charcoal pit.  In the 1980's, the pavillion became too small and an addition was put on to hold another 150 people.  Also, a separate card room was replaced due to a fallen tree.  Most of  the "grove" is original.  Although updates to equipment has been done or replaced all together...Mosall's Grove still operates in the original manner as it was started.
     Mosall's Grove is a family business.  Started by Max, and his son Milton, almost every family member has worked at the grove at some point in time.  Bob remembers the early years...Even as a child of  9 years old, he was raking the grounds, and cleaning the bar.  He and his brothers, Doug and Bill, along with their father, Doug, worked their tails off.  Learning the skills needed to maybe someday take over when their Uncle Milt retired.   That day came in 1995, when Bob was offered the business.
     In the early days, Grama Mosall ran the kitchen.  Later, it would have been run and worked by Milt's sister, Gerry, her daughters and grand-daughters, his sister-in-law, Sylvia, and her daughter, Kim.  You can still find Kim there, along with Bob's wife, Lauri.  In addition, you can also find the original legecy of teaching the younger ones the trade. 

Our Manhattan Clam Chowder

Years ago, I was told, the famous Mosall's Manhattan Clam Chowder was homemade by my grandmother.  Legend says she would start days before a clambake by peeling potatos, cutting vegetables, and shucking clams.  That was 50 years, we still have our own recipe, but it is a far cry from sitting for hours peeling and cutting.  The best way to judge the taste...have a bowl.  You'll know with the first and last...THERE IS A CLAM IN EVERY SPOON!

Now offering....
New England Clam Chowder...
Yup, that smooth, creamy white broth with a WHOLE LOTTA CLAMS.